Monday, May 3, 2010

So your trying to find the easy way to vegetarian eating?

I know, you came here because you cant afford to make pricey vegetarian meals bought from the grocery store to then to find yourself slaving over the oven for the next 4 hours preparing it.

Its a classic case and its one that I myself had to go through when I first switched to vegetarian. I thought to myself theres got to be an easier way to get good quality vegetarian food fast, but what could be the solution!? How can this pipe-dream be fulfilled?!


The answer is fast food! I thought why don't I compile a nice list of vegetarian foods for people that are:

a. too lazy
b. out of town with no kitchen in their hotel
c. they want instant results now, they want to eat and get on with living

Is it possible to get vegetarian food from fast food restaurants?

Yes. Most or at least all the chained fast food places have nice vegetarian alternatives to their meat injected meals.

Do they taste good?

In my experience they taste excellent, they aren't going to be 100% organic or anything like that but they will provide you with a nice bite to eat when you need it the most and or when you cant be too picky :)!

What do they have?

Think about it, its not too complicated:

  • salad
  • fruit
  • breads
  • cheese
  • vegetables
Those above foods are all safe under vegetarian standards. You just have to get creative with how you order them.

happy eating - egen glover